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Fresh Seafood Online. We are certain that you’ll return to us again and again for the freshest seafood available. Other wholesalers and fresh fish and fresh shrimp distributors claim to have set the standard in seafood distribution, but we prove again and again that there is no higher standard than ours. Our mission is to maintain the same excellent level of customer service that our long-term customers have come to expect to each and every restaurant, grocer, market, canner, caterer, hotel and any other company with whom we do business.
Fresh Swordfish
Always the Freshest
We take pride in always providing the freshest seafood of supreme quality. Our fresh seafood includes fresh fish like salmon, grouper, tilapia, trout, swordfish and snapper and arrives on our dock in Fort Myers on a daily basis, having been caught only hours before. We produce several varieties of fresh shrimp as well, like domestic shrimp straight from the trawlers to be packed and shipped the instant we receive them.
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We Care About You
We know that our customers’ reputations hinge on the safety of the fresh seafood product they provide to their clientele. It’s why we take measures to guarantee that the fresh fish that make their way to you is always clean and safe to eat.
Freshest Seafood
Wholesale or Retail?
International Maritime Fisheries is the premier wholesaler of the freshest seafood of the highest quality around. But wholesaling is not our entire line of business. We are also is happy to provide all our fresh seafoodfor retail as well.
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